Frequently Asked Questions

What is IULiving.com?

IULiving.com is a place where prospective tenants can search Bloomington, Indiana housing listings to find a new place to live, and IULiving.com is a place where landlords can post their listings.

Is IULiving.com free for tenants?


I'm a landlord. How do I list my apartment on IULiving?

That’s what the Landlord Page is for. Follow the step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be good to go.

Do I need to create an account to contact a landlord?

No. All listings contain contact information so you can contact the landlord directly.

What do the red and white boxes on the map mean?

What do the red and white boxes on the map mean? 
The red and white boxes on the map identify the location of listed apartments. Red boxes indicate multiple apartments that are being offered by a single owner or property manager. These listings generally contain more detailed information about the building and specify rental ranges rather than unit prices. White boxes indicate listings of strictly individual units by a single apartment owner. For condominium buildings and subleases, it is not uncommon for the developer or building owner to list multiple units (red box), while individual owners list their own separate apartments in the very same building (white box).

Are rates negotiable?

If you are a landlord with a large portfolio please feel free to email us at for more information.